As you may have noticed, the web site looks a little bit different.  Hopefully it looks a little bit better too!

The web site is built using a “content management system” or “CMS” that allows the site to be edited and updated using just a web browser, without any special web site editing tools or programs.  The CMS that was in use had undergone several major upgrades over the years, but the “skin” or “theme” that controlled how the Saugeen RC Flyers site looked had not kept up.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t compatible with the latest upgrade.

An attempt was made to “save” the site by updating the skin, but it just wouldn’t work very well (I think there are still a few “issues” with the latest version of the CMS platform that hadn’t been worked out yet.

Anyways, the site was “blown up” and a totally different CMS was set up, along with a new “theme”.  Some basic content has been moved over and you’ll see the rest start to pop up over the next few days.

You basic user info will be imported, but you’ll have to reset your passwords to log in (use the “forgot my password” feature on the login page).  Details on this process will be emailed out to everyone once the “members only” area is ready to go.

If you have any comments about the site or suggestions for content, please contact your club web master.


Sean M.

Web Site Updated

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